Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Welcome fellow educators and concerned citizens. I'd like to welcome you to my blog titled A Future In Peril: American Education Today. This is a blog dedicated to concerned individuals who realize we are involved with an antiquated system of education. The reality today is that American students are not receiving the education they need to be receiving and the repercussions will last for future generations. It is my hope that together we can look at education today and brainstorm ways how we can enact change. The system is broken and no top-down reform is likely to occur any time soon. Our movement needs to start now and it needs to start with concerned people like yourselves brainstorming ideas. Together we can come up with ideas that will look at various topics including the ones below:

-Our inner city schools are currently at the same level of segregation as they were in the 1960's before the Civil Rights Movement

-Over half of our inner city students do not graduate from high school

-American students are falling further and further behind in math and reading scores, which was the whole purpose for No Child Left Behind

-School choice policies that claim to be open to all students actually exclude the vast majority of students from lower socio-economic classes

-Tens of thousands of undocumented students will be denied opportunites to pursue higher education thereby denying our country future scientists, business leaders, and innovators

-Arts and music programs are being cut throughout the country and are being eliminated from schools altogether

-Obesity rates are at an all-time high among children and yet schools continue to cut recess and physical education requirements

This is just a sample of what we will be discussing on this blog. I will put forth my own ideas and solutions as to how to fix our broken sytem. You may agree with me, you may not. I will appreciate any input you might have. The most important part of this blog is that the conversation is occurring. We as a society need to put education at the forefront of our discussions because it is realted to every other major issue we are dealing with. Health care, jobs, income, immigration, economy, all these issues are directly related to the educational level of our society. None of these will be able to properly function without a fundamental system of education for all of our nation's students.

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  1. I look forward to reading your post and hopefully being able to contribute my thoughts and ideas: as an educator in the public school system, as a mother of two daughters that attend a Charter school (one of which has some special needs), and as a community member currently living within a very specific population demographic.